How much is fixing your cash flow worth?

Our platform helps businesses (just like yours) speed up client payments through discount incentives.

Turn invoices into cash. On demand.

Requesting faster invoice payments is the easiest and most flexible financing option

Instant cash


  • Accelerate customer payments
  • Cash Flow on demand

Flexible financing


  • Meet seasonal demand
  • Finance sales’ growth
  • Tackle exceptional cash shortfall

Simple process


  • Send offers in minutes
  • Create or upload invoices
  • Accounting process unaffected

Our cloud-based software integrates with most ERPs

What if you took the wait out of your invoice-to-cash cycle?

Many clients impose long payment terms

  • Net 30 / 45 / 60 / 90 days
  • More

Only 42% of business clients pay on time

  • Expensive collection process
  • Risk of bad debt

With Reinfund, enjoy the benefits of early-payment discounts

    • Powerful negotiation tool
    • Improved customer relationships
    • Aligned buyers and vendors’ interests

Instantly improve control over clients’ payment schedules

“We used to draw on lines of credit to meet seasonal demand. Using Reinfund Beta has allowed us to rely less on debt and more on our own cash flow!”

Justin Meyer
CFO – Staffing Agency

Get your clients approve shorter terms in minutes

  • Log in to our platform
  • Upload (or create) invoices and documents
  • Set up discount rates & conditions

We take it from there.

Enjoy a seamless workflow

Our platform manages the entire process:

  • Invoice and offer submission to customers
  • transfer of required documents
  • recording of customer decisions
  • follow up on customer payments

Tap into a dense network of clients familiar with Reinfund

To get your early-payment requests pre-approved, we are setting up dedicated workflows with hundreds of North American and international buyers.

Our plans fit every need

Subscription plans start with 25 offers per month (to unlimited)

Your Questions Answered

What type of early-payment discount works best for my business?

With Reinfund, you can offer 3 types of early-payment discounts (Instant discounts, Credits on next invoice and Cashback payments):

Instant discounts: when your customers “accept” an instant discount offer on Reinfund platform, they receive an amended invoice including new terms and conditions. They must pay the new invoicing amount before the updated due date. If they pay after that term, the discount is cancelled and they owe that discount amount.

Credit (applicable on next invoice): When your customers accept this discount, they earn a credit that shall be applied on their next invoice.

Cashback payments: You refund your customers (via an EFT on their bank accounts), a couple of days after they settled their invoice (only if their payment is received before the new payment term).

How fast can I receive payments?

In average, when an early-payment offer is accepted, payments are sent by our clients’ customers within 2 business days.

Is the usual remittance process affected by early-payments?

Reinfund provides both a proprietary technology and support services to get your early-payment offers accepted by your customers. 

When your customers do not already have a “buyer’s account”, we contact them via email or phone (depending on their preferences), to submit your offers.

Also, when your customers are not in our database yet, we offer them to create a free “buyer’s account” to accept future early-payment discounts more faster.

Why should I use Reinfund over invoice factoring or supply chain finance?

When offering customers  early-payment discounts, you do not suffer from the inconvenience of selling invoices to a third party.

The main drawbacks of factoring invoices are:

  1. the loss of the customer relationship: the factoring company will collect the funds directly
  2. various and hefty fees: including due diligence fees (credit checks, invoices checks, etc.), lockbox account set up fees, money transfer fees, and many other types of fees.

Also, offering clients early-payment discounts ultimately makes your selling prices more competitive. Then, it has an overall positive impact on the customer relationship.

Are payments affected by early-payment offers?

When your offers are accepted, your customers pay you directly, using your existing remittance process. Just faster.

Optional: When you choose a “Performance” subscription plan, you have the option to redirect client payments on a Trust account, managed by Reinfund. Upon reception of your client payments, Reinfund retransfers the funds to your bank account (via EFT), on the same business day. This process allows us to reconcile payments for you.

This option also allows us to manage “cashback” discounts. Cashback discounts mean that your customers have to pay the initial invoice amount. Only if payments are received before an agreed limit date, cashback discounts are refunded to your customers’ bank accounts.

Do my invoices need to meet certain criteria to be eligible to Reinfund early-payment program?

When an offer is submitted on our platform, invoices must be unpaid. Also, products and services should be already delivered to clients.

Your bank reference has to match the ones provided in your usual remittance process.

Early-payment offers should relate to new invoices or invoices that have either been already submitted to your customers (and still unpaid).

To improve your cash flow performance, it is recommended to submitt invoices as soon as they are issued.

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