Monetize your Invoices

Grow your business, meet seasonal demand and improve your customer relationships

Cash Your Invoices On Demand

Reinfund empowers suppliers to expand without the burden of debt, while giving high-return opportunities to their customers.

Offer or earn early-payment discounts. No matter which side of the supply chain you’re on, make payment terms work for you, so you can focus on what you do best.



Dynamic Discounting
Dynamic discounting

Getting paid faster has never been easier

Streamline your dynamic discounting process by making, requesting, collecting and approving offers in one place.

Reinfund’s all-in-one dynamic discounting platform automates complex early-payment discounts without affecting your existing payment process.

Effortless invoicing
Effortless Invoicing

Send invoices in minutes

With our easy-to-use platform, create, send or receive invoices in seconds.

You may also import your existing invoices from Quickbooks©, thanks to our powerful 2-way integration.

With Reinfund, offer or request dynamic discounts in a click of a button.


Easy onboarding
Easy Onboarding

Get customers & suppliers info in a click of a button

Save a great deal of time by inviting your customers or suppliers to share their info and documents.

Get invoices, price lists and key information in one place, so you can effortlessly receive, validate or send invoices & discounts. 

Cash Forecasting
Cash Forecasting

Get your cash in the right place at the right time

Gain insight into your cash flow forecasting by tracking your early-payment performance and analyzing customer and vendor behavior.

Our in-depth analytics reports help suppliers and vendors do more of what they do best by turning working capital into cash or improved margins.

Our solution is designed to fit your business needs

For Suppliers


Offer customers dynamic discounts and free the cash trapped in your balance sheet

For Buyers


Increase your margins by requesting early-payment discounts from suppliers