Unlock the treasure hidden in your invoices

Our negotiation platform empowers companies to slash supplier costs by monetizing payment terms

Increase your EBITDA within minutes

Due to the lack of satisfying financing alternatives, many of your current suppliers are willing to discount their invoices. All you have to do in return is pay before a shorter payment term.



  • Request supplier discounts
  • Enjoy high return on cash
  • Receive discounts within minutes



  • Enjoy a seamless process
  • Track performance in real time
  • All documents in one place
  • Easy integration with most ERPs



  • Off-balance sheet financing
  • Neutralize ealy payment impacts
  • Transparent financing process

Our cloud-based software integrates with most ERPs

Step 1

One-click solution to request discounts from vendors

Step 2

Accept discount proposals in a click of a button

Step 3

Get real-time insights on your payable strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my existing remittance process be affected?

No. Your existing remittance process stays untouched.

When you accept an offer, you keep on paying your suppliers directly. Just faster.

Optional: You can choose to give us a mandate to manage payments on your behalf. In that case, you sign a PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit Agreements) and we redirect the funds to your suppliers (via EFT).


Why do I need Reinfund?

Reinfund solves all the traditional deterrents relating to the management of early-payment discounts, such as:

  • messy vendor-by-vendor negotiations
  • complex workflows involving diverse ERP and teams
  • bottlenecks in accounting and remittance processes
  • buyers’ limited available cash
What's your fee structure?

Our fee structure only represents a small share of the extra income generated through our platform.
Contact us to get a customized quote.

How do you interact with my suppliers?

Reinfund provides a proprietary technology and support services to generate early-payment rebates from vendors. 

When your vendors do not already have a “vendor’s account”, we contact them via email or phone (depending on their contact preference), to submit your offers.

Also, when your vendors are not in our database yet, we offer them to create a free “vendor’s account” so they may offer early-payment discounts faster in the future.

Can I create an invoice on Reinfund platform?

Soon! We are working on it!

Why wouldn't my suppliers choose invoice factoring instead?

Well, invoice factoring causes so many challenges to businesses that we are just going to list a few:

– loss of the customer relationship

– high due diligence costs incurred

– messy process

– difficulty to differentiate “factored” invoices fron “non-factored ones”


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