Save supplier costs by monetizing payment terms

Our platform makes it easy for procurement & finance teams to request and manage early-payment rebates

Enjoy high returns


Request early-payment rebates from suppliers through one-click onboarding. Boost your EBITDA and EPS by accepting high interest rates offers.

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Automate the process


Effortlessly manage supplier rebate offers on a one-stop platform. Keep the full process automated via a 2-way integration with your ERP.

Get instant funding


Accept rebates even when you do not have available cash. We advance invoice payments, at competitive rates.

Our SaaS integrates with the main accounting software

Make early invoice payments a high-yield, risk-free investment strategy

Did you say 28%?

Learn how you can make 28% annual returns on invoice payments, by watching this short video

How does it work?

1. Initiate

Request vendor rebates in 15 minutes 

  • Log in to your portal
  • Import vendor info and invoices
  • Select rebate conditions and preferences
  • Send rebate requests to vendors
  • Automate the entire process
2. Close the deal

Receive and approve offers in real time

  • Receive vendor rebates on your portal
  • Approve the offers that fit your financial goals
  • Enjoy accurate cash forecast based on real time data
2. Close select offers

Receive and approve offers in real time

  • Receive vendor rebates on your portal
  • Approve the offers that fit your financial goals
  • Enjoy accurate cash forecast based on real time data
3. Get insights

Optimize your payable strategy with Reinfund Analytics

  • Track performance on your dashboard
  • Adjust your Accounts Payable strategy in real time

“We used to concentrate on year-end rebates only. Since we started to use Reinfund platform, 5% of our EBITDA growth has been attributable to new early-payment rebates. Also, the integration with our existing systems has been seamless.”

Daniel T. – CFO of a machine tool manufacturer

What’s in there for me?

A one-stop marketplace committed to your financial success


Request, collect and approve offers in one place


Receive and store the documents required for the remittance process


Tracking your performance in real time helps you improve your payable strategy


2-way integration with your existing ERP is required to automate the entire process


Get your early invoice payment funded in a click of a button

A powerful platform that pays for itself

*Our unique fee represents 0.09% of invoiced amount ($0.99 minimum). You only pay when rebates get approved.

Your Questions Answered

Why do I need Reinfund?

Reinfund makes it easy for procurement and finance teams to manage the entire process related to early-payment discount offering:

  • messy vendor-by-vendor negotiations
  • complex workflows involving diverse ERP and teams
  • bottlenecks in accounting and remittance processes
  • buyers’ limited available cash
Will my existing remittance process be affected?

No. Your existing remittance process stays untouched.

When you accept an offer, you keep on paying your suppliers directly. Just faster.


What's your fee structure?

Our product pays for itself, because we only charge you when you accept a vendor rebate.
Our fee structure only represents 0.09% of incvoice amounts, which is a small share of the extra income generated through our platform.

How do you interact with my vendors?

Reinfund’s mission is to provide a proprietary technology and support services to help enterprises originate vendor rebates. 

When your vendors do not already have a “vendor account”, we contact them via email or phone (depending on their contact preference), to submit your offers. We also invite them to create a free account so they may proactively offer early-payment discounts in the future.

Why wouldn't my suppliers rather choose invoice factoring instead?

There are so many challenges associated to invoice factoring that we only are going to list a few of them:

– loss of customer relationship

– sizeable due diligence costs incurred

– messy process

– difficulty to differentiate “factored” invoices fron “non-factored ones”


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