Invoice Terms Work for You

Make Invoice Terms Work for You

Up to 20% of Sales are trapped in balance sheets and late payments are way too common.

Reinfund allows suppliers to get paid quickly, instead of being trapped in an endless cash flow cycle, while offering buyers double-digit returns on their purchasing spend.

How Does Reinfund Work?

Step 1: Log In

Open a free account and log in to your secured portal

Step 2: Import or Edit Invoices

Easily upload a list of existing invoices. Or complete invoice details manually.

We also provide a free and intuitive invoicing feature so you can edit and manage your invoices in one place.

Step 3: Enter Contact Info

Enter customer – or supplier – information so you can submit your offers.

Save time by uploading a list of your existing contacts.

Step 4: Set Up Discounts

Select the invoices you want to discount and set up discount parameters:

  • Discount rate
  • Expiry date

 Discover Dynamic Discounting’s multiple advantages.

Step 5: Send Discount Offers or Requests

Send discount offers to your customers or suppliers.

Then, they will accept or decline your offers on Reinfund’a secured portal.

Step 6: Unchanged Payment Process 

Get paid – or pay – as you’re used to. Just faster.

No third party gets involved in the remittance process.


All-in-One Dynamic Discounting Platform

Streamline your dynamic discounting process by making, requesting, collecting and approving offers in one place.

One-Click Onboarding

Make your e-invoicing effortless with our easy-to-use dashboard and simple user onboarding. Send and receive invoices in seconds.


Easy E-Invoicing

Invoice, send, receive and manage all the necessary documents for the payment process in one central location.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Track your early-payment performance, analyze customer and vendor behavior and gain insight into your cash flow forecasting.

Seamless Integration with QuickBooks©

Integrate with your existing ERP and accounting software to sync your financial information in real time.


Automated, Secure and Private

Simplify complex dynamic discounting without affecting your payment process. Your private data is protected by our strict enterprise security protocols.




All accounts are free. Enjoy invoicing, dynamic discounting and customer or supplier onboarding, without paying a penny.


Our pricing structure is like us: simple and transparent.

Our pay-per-use fee represents 0.09% of invoiced amount ($0.99 minimum).

You only pay when your discounts get approved!