Ready to Boost Your Cash Flow On Demand?

Reinfund helps you free the cash trapped in your vendors’ invoices through dynamic early-payment discounting.

Key Benefits For Vendors

Shorter Cash Cycles, Faster Payments

Affordable Financing, No Debt

Improved Cash Flow Visibility

Enhanced Capacity to meet Seasonal Demand

Streamlined Invoice-to-Pay Process

No Added IT Integration Costs

Reduction in Late Payments

Enhanced Collection Efficiency

Improved Customer Relationship

Increased AR Transparency

By how much can you boost your cash flow?

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One of the main benefits of starting offering dynamic early-payment discounts is that you enjoy extra cash flow from day one!

If you offer your clients 60-day payment terms, you will enjoy a maximum cash flow impact within 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why offer "dynamic" discounts?

Dynamic discounting is a type of early-payment discount. In short, the sooner a customer pays an invoice (before the due date), the higher the discount rate is. 

This payment model incentivizes both vendors and customers because the oportunity window to offer or enjoy discounts is much wider.

What discount rate should I offer?

Your discount rates should be determined by your cost of capital, how badly extra cash is needed and margins in your indsutry.

We recommand starting with low-rate offers (around 1.00% per 30 days, for instance). Then, you may adjust your rates later, based on your offers’ performance.

How do you send my offers to customers?

Reinfund provides both a proprietary technology and support services to get your early-payment offers accepted by customers. 

When customers are not existing Reinfund users, they receive an email notification from us. Then, they access a secured guest portal where they can accept or decline your offers.

Why shouldn't I use invoice factoring instead?

Invoice factoring’s main problems are the high costs incurred (hidden fees, complex fee structure), the damage caused to the customer relationship and the complexity of the overall process.

In contrast, Reinfund eliminates the inconvenience and expenses of selling invoices to third parties. By offering clients early-payment discounts, you ultimately make your selling prices more competitive and improve your customer relationships.

How are my payments affected?

When your offers are accepted by your customers, they pay you directly, using the existing remittance process. Just faster.

Which invoices are eligible?

All your invoices are eligible to dynamic discounting.

Invoices have to be unpaid (or partially paid). Ideally, submit your invoices as soon as they’re issued, to maximize your cash flow performance.

Ready To Boost Your Cash Flow?